НОСАТТ PLUS is a unique device for everyone who values health and time!

We offer you the best and versatile system on the market. In fact, HOCATT PLUS is unique and one of a kind. There are a huge variety of devices for health and beauty on the world market, but neither has the quality of HOCATT and neither provides a range of therapies.


  • The results, which you receive from the system HOCATT will exceed all expectations.
  • The price of the HOCATT is very low compared to the purchase of a variety of professional devices, which would provide different forms of therapy alone.
  • Multimodality and multi-functionality of the system saves time, space efficiency, and reduces your expenses on the maintenance of headquarters staff. 
  • Providing several types of therapies in one session, thanks to a multi-modal system, allows you to set a higher price for each procedure. 
  • The success of the system lies in the fact that anyone who will try out the HOCATT therapy, will find a solution to his/her individual problems. 
  • Satisfied customers are a result of - the successful development of a business. 


People are looking for that one bit of magic that will make them healthier, happier and more beautiful. Holistic practitioners want something that ensures patients are safely treated while providing amazing benefits. Fortunately, that one bit of magic has arrived.