At the beginning of the session the steam and far infrared rays heat up the body with the intention to raise the core body temperature to rapidly induce an artificial fever. CO2 is also infused at a very specific flow rate at this stage to convert into carbonic acid as it reacts with the steam, which is the most highly reactive state of water at a bonding angle of 109 degrees. Full spectrum light rays also fill the chamber and are absorbed by the skin as they reflect from the steam and the ultra-reflective chamber walls. Special e-stim frequencies may be selected to stimulate the muscles, nervous system and cells through foot electrode pads and/or hand held electrodes while undergoing all of the above therapies simultaneously or in sequence.

The heat dilates the pores and carbonic acid further potentiates that effect. The carbonic acid and steam irrigate the skin and enter into the pores, blood stream and lymph system. The carbonic acid sedates the central nervous system to relieve tension and stress in spine and muscles as well as dilate the blood vessels to increase blood circulation through the entire body by up to 25%. Carbonic acid is one of very view compounds that naturally and without any side effects increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at cellular level. Simultaneously, the FIR rays stimulate the spine from inside the backrest wall of the chamber. Infrared also concentrates on the foot soles to enhance blood circulation from the feet upwards. The e-stim therapy has pre-programmed frequencies to stimulate different reactions in the body, from blood circulation, passive muscle exercise to blocking pain signals in the nervous system.

At a predetermined stage the carbonic acid cycle stops automatically and the ozone cycle starts. During this stage the ozone reacts with the highly reactive H2O to form sterilizing H2O2 on the surface of the skin. H2O2 is absorbed through the dilated pores and enters into the blood stream and lymph system. The absorption of H2O2 in the Hocatt is potentiated by up to double with the carbonic acid pre-cycle compared to normal ozone saunas.

At the end of the session the entire volume of ozone and oxygen steam mixture are extracted into the activated carbon charcoal destructor in order to prevent release into the room when the doors open.
So you will experience the HOCATT, the only machine that can deliver multiple proven modalities in a single session. You will spend 30 minutes relaxing in the warmth of the HOCATT and gain the advantages of all the applied therapies with no further action on your part! You’ll love it for helping make wellness, so simple and so fast.