A multipurpose healing system HOCATT is widely used by many doctors around the world, but despite the high popularity and extensive expansion in the professional sphere, HOCATT provokes a big interest among home users. In fact, the use of the HOCATT at home gives you many advantages. Let us give you some, the most important of them:
1. It saves your time – it might be probably the most important advantage, because nowadays, due the rhythms of a modern life in the big cities, the lack of time is the main problem. After a busy and often long working hours, late at night when you get home, you have neither time nor energy to go somewhere and do something. With the HOCATT system at home, you can do the therapies and maintain your fitness at any convenient for you time without any need to go somewhere by appointment.
2. Access to therapies at any suitable for you time - this advantage is also very important. At the slightest suspicion, or the first signs of the beginning of any viral disease, influenza, infectious and fungal diseases, you have the opportunity to do the HOCATT therapy. Already after the first (1 or 2) sessions the disease retreats due to ozone, which kills all viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as hyperthermia therapy.
3. Recovery of the whole family - this advantage is also very important. You, your parents, and your children over 6 years may do the HOCATT therapy.
Today, with the HOCATT at home, it is possible to cure of many chronic diseases and recover easily, quickly and effectively from any physical activity, reduce stress and fatigue after work or business trips, keep fit at any convenient for you time. Well-being always and for the whole family.