Why should you do the HOCATT?
1. It is simple - The Hocatt chamber was designed as a multipurposed device that can be used as by healthcare professionals and by simple home users as well. You can choose the right program that you need and do it at any time you want.
2. It is safe – The HOCATT chamber is indeed safe. Ozone has been deemed the safest treatment with the fewest side effects; it is an age-old natural healer. Each of the HOCATT’s other modalities have also been shown to be safe. The unit itself is safety certified bearing the CE approval.
3. It is effective – The main point why it is so effective is that the HOCATT system helps to solve successfully a number of health problems caused by different kinds of fungus, infections, viruses, as well as an excess of toxins in the body. It has a powerful detoxifying effects, it stimulates the function of organs that help in the removal of free radicals; in particular, the liver, kidney and skin. The HOCATT therapy is an excellent way to prevent the development of various chronic diseases. The continued use of the HOCATT will provide you with something you have never experienced - health, wellness, beauty and healing treatments. With each 30 minute treatment, patients and customers receive scientifically proven therapies that provide advanced treatment of many diseases, cosmetic effects, beauty treatments, athletic improvement, overall improvement of health. The HOCATT ozone chamber is the breakthrough in wellness.
4. It is for everyone – the sessions are programmed in such way, that you will find and choose the program that you need. It does not matter whether you have some problems with your health or you just need some preventive sessions to boost your energy or immune system, you will find the program that will suit to your needs.