What is Exercise With Oxygen Therapy EWOT

In the mid 1970’s a German research and applied physicist and inventor pioneered what is today known as Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or EWOT. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is a relatively simple and affordable way for people to obtain their athletic and health goals. Patients who have received EWOT have sworn that it has changed their life forever. They are a part of the rapid expansion that this treatment is being incorporated. Becoming more and more accepted by the medical world more and more hospitals are turning to Exercise with Oxygen Therapy for their patient’s needs.

Information based on medical research and real case studies show the dramatic and unbelievable ways EWOT has changed people’s lives by helping to practically halt age-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and arthritis. This therapy is based on the quality of the oxygen not just the quantity.


Exercising with Oxygen Therapy has been found to benefit its users by enabling them to burn more calories while they workout. As you Exercise you are breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen, helping your workouts last longer due to increased endurance, strength, and energy. Incorporating higher oxygen amounts while working out aids the user in maintaining their peak athletic performance and maintaining it. The oxygen rich environment wards off disease and illness alike while boosting metabolism.


Why it’s important

As we age, our cells lose the ability to function in a normal state. Our cells are key in many of the body’s natural functions, digestion, reproduction, detoxification, elimination, hormone production, immune and neurological function, and the body’s ability to repair itself. As our cells decline so do our bodies natural functions. As we age our oxygen levels tend to decrease. Because of the deteriorating oxygen levels there is a slowdown of ATP production. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is our body’s fuel, giving us the energy we need to, run, jump, eat, breath, and live. Because of the slow decline of oxygen and ATP the body’s capillaries tend to swell reducing oxygen supply to the tissues.

Researchers have come to find, there is a connection between optimal mitochondrial function, over all cardiovascular health, mitochondrial function, and aging. The way to decelerate the body’s deterioration is by obtaining and maintaining optimal aerobic ATP production through the aging process. Thus by increasing oxygen levels they are able to slow the aging process dramatically.



Oxygen acts as a buffer, reducing the stress that is put on your body. If you are lacking oxygen cells die off directly effecting brain and organ function. A long-term effect of low oxygen levels can be, premature aging, cancer, and illness. During exercise it is important to get high quality oxygen in the proper amount as to not cause harm to the body. When additional oxygen is available the body naturally responds. The plasma absorbs the oxygen working it into the body’s cells and tissue. By increasing your oxygen you are increasing the level of oxygen in your tissue. This in turn is been seen to boost metabolism and immune system functions.

Disease thrives in a body that has low oxygen intake. Being active aids the body in fighting disease and sickness and by adding high quality oxygen the body will ward off disease and illness like a well-oiled machine.





Health Benefits


  • Enables the body to work at peak performance while building endurance and speed.
  • Increased oxygen is the key to reducing the stress your body is under.
  • An increase in oxygen slows the aging process.
  • Building and oxygen rich environment wards off illness and disease.
  • Enables people who haven’t been able to exercise at their desired performance to do so. The pure oxygen giving them the boost that they need to do so.
  • Creates oxygen rich blood plasma
  • Increased strength and endurance allowing you to burn a higher amount of calories, and build strength without the fatigue.
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Burn up to 30% more calories
  • Restores lung function and O2 absorption
  • Helps to improve difficulties patient may have with focus and ocular issues
  • Reduction in Edema in capillary cells
  • Improves circulation disorders, especially in the lower extremities
  • Reduces Hypertension
  • Making it an option for patients


By making EWOT available to patients, you are blessing them with the medical fountain of youth. Enabling someone to increase his or her cardiovascular performance can improve health greatly. Providing people with a healthy all natural way to drop weight, gain endurance, fight disease, and slow the body’s deterioration is a medical advancement that should be practiced in hospitals across the nation.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is cost effective, giving patients an affordable option when it comes to their treatment. Enabling many patients to get the medical assistance they would normally go without, due to the rising cost of pharmaceuticals.

This is one of the few treatments where the benefits outnumber the risks astronomically. Giving people alternative medicine options that actually works, gives the patients peace of mind that their Physician is taking the optimum care in prescribing a treatment that won’t leave them with nasty side effects.

Many hospitals across the world are adopting this therapy into their repertoire. Getting back to the basic needs of their patients and addressing them accordingly. The lack of complex treatments is refreshing and is possibly a glimpse into the future of medicine and the direction it is venturing.