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We understand that you are likely to have a lot of questions about the HOCATT, the modalities it provides and how it could potentially impact your patients and business.

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Hi Intensity PEMF HUGO is ideal for people who may be experiencing pain or inflammation, who want more energy and vital life force. For people who want the best product for their busy lifestyle and optimal health.  For people who want overall wellbeing, longevity, protection against athletic injuries, improved athletic performance and recovery.  And for people who want to dramatically improve their ENERGY level. HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF is ideal for the busy high-powered individual, elite or professional athlete or clinician.  High Intensity PEMF is not contraindicated for those with titanium structures such as hip and knee replacements.

While in the HOCATT, you can place the end of the tubing from the second ozone generator under an armpit and hold it there with your arm at your side (no funnel or connector tip is necessary on the tubing). You can alternate sides every 5 or 10 minutes. The HOCATT is the best way to get ozone into the lymph system. You may also alternate the armpits with sitting on tubing for the perineum area (prostate). That gives you three areas to move it around to that are very important. Also, doing it this way protects the ozone from the heat.

What else do I have to purchase?  What are other costs?

A CO2 cylinder is required and can be rented for a small fee and rarely requires refills; it is quite economical. Other items are those that are incurred in the normal course of treatments such as individual use items such as disposable catheters for rectal or vaginal insufflations, distilled water, aromatherapy scents, and costs for laundering if you supply towels (or disposable gowns).  There are not a lot of additional or hidden costs.  The oxygen concentrator is a big plus so you do not have the expense inconvenience or safety issues of using tanks.

Dimensions  and Specifications

140cm L x 130 cm H x 67cm W

Weight 110kg

Watt 3kw

Volts 110v/220v

Oxygen concentrator 25 inches H, 15 W, 12 D

External ozone destructor fan  28cm L x 28 W x 85cm H 


In general, we have found that existing staff can handle the HOCATT sessions as well but additional staff could be required for multiple HOCATTs.  One technician can handle several HOCATTs at once if they are in proximity.

The HOCATT is simple and easy to use.  A manual will be provided to guide you through all its functions.  There will also be video demonstrations.  We are planning for webinars and more advanced training sessions-even certification for HOCATT use.

HOCATT sessions are usually 25-30 minutes.  Most protocols recommend 2 sessions per week but some cases do require daily treatments initially.  A couple of sessions per month are recommended even for the most healthy clients looking to maintain their vitality.