Frequently Asked Questions



We understand that you are likely to have a lot of questions about the HOCATT, the modalities it provides and how it could potentially impact your patients and business.

The list of below is a series of questions we often receive. Simply click on the question and the answer will open up below.

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We have found that your patients will take care of much of that for you. Everywhere the HOCATT is placed, the patients have been so excited about their results they are eager to share and do so with other patients as well as all their friends and family.  Signature Health will offer low-cost incentives and referral letters to help keep that going and reward your patients for their loyalty and generosity in recommending your services to their acquaintances.

Signature Health is proud to offer a strong marketing package to HOCATT Healthcare Professionals. A patient web-site was specifically designed for you to send your patients to educate them about benefits of HOCATT sessions and then sends them back to you to confirm their appointment.  It also includes necessary information for sending email blasts about the HOCATT to inform your patients about the new services available.  There is an entire marketing package that includes training and forms to aid you and/or your staff through the processes of building your business with the HOCATT.


It is indeed safe. Ozone has been deemed the safest treatment with the fewest side effects; it is an age-old natural healer. Each of the HOCATT’s other modalities have also been shown to be safe. The unit itself is safety certified bearing the CE approval.


A patient will sit back comfortably on the special padded seat with an adjustable lumbar support. The chamber doors are closed to cover your body while your head remains outside of the chamber.  A neck cape ensures comfort and the retention of steam chamber contents.