Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses magnetic fields to heal and energize the body. PEMF therapy differs from other electrotherapies in that it is non-contact, in other words there are no electrodes/pads making direct contact with the body. It is not to be confused with micro-current therapy.

PEMF induces electrical changes within and around cells, which influences the cell behaviour. This results in improved circulation and oxygenation, better transport of nutrients and more energy. PEMF also accelerates the healing process by stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue, while significantly reducing pain. PEMFs also induce reflexology and acupuncture-like actions in the body.

With a history of success spanning over 100 years, PEMF is finally starting to become main- stream medicine. The FDA has approved PEMF devices for the following:

  •   Healing of non-union fractures[1979]
  •   Treating urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation[1998]
  •   Cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion[2004]
  •   Treatment of depression and anxiety[2006]

While PEMF therapy can offer so much more, these approvals alone are already paving the way towards the main stream. Even some Olympic teams have started using PEMF therapy to enhance performance, and speed recovery and healing between workouts. It is not illegal and also not considered to be doping!

The HU-GO™ is a High Intensity PEMF device. High intensity PEMF therapy delivers a huge helping of energy, which accelerates healing and regeneration. Exposure to short-term, high voltage (intensity) PEMF’s has been crowned the ideal, non-invasive therapy of the future – and this is accompanied by a startling lack of side effects!







The HU-GO™ has set a new industry standard in PEMF therapy. The bar has been raised so high that everyone is clambering to catch up!




The HU-GO™ is a High Intensity PEMF device. It is the 1st device in the world that uses a ‘sandwich’ design for full-body PEMF therapy! The double layer AMPLIFIES the electromagnetic field, which makes it TWICE as powerful as regular full-body PEMF therapy!




The HU-GO™ also has the ability to attach TWO sets of hand-held coils simultaneously! This allows you to offer FOUR various application methods to your clients:

1.   A patient can lie on the bottom mat for regular full-body PEMF therapy

2.   A patient can lie in-between the two mats for an amplified full-body ‘sandwich’effect

3.   Hand-held coils can be attached in place of the mats and create a smaller ‘sandwich’ to target a specific area, or

4.   A patient can lie on the bottom mat for full-body PEMF and attach a hand-held coil (in place of the top mat) to use over a specific area simultaneously


The HU-GO™ is versatile and can be used with the existing furniture in your practice/clinic. It can fit on a bed or plinth, and it can even be used on a lazy boy or standard chair.




The HU-GO™ saves you time! Low intensity PEMFs can require sessions up to 90 minutes long for effective therapy. High intensity PEMFs penetrates deeper into the body, making it a more effective treatment in a shorter amount of time. However, most of the high intensity PEMF devices on the market are designed for targeting one specific area at a time. It takes forever to effectively cover the entire body if you want the advantages of full-body, high intensity, PEMF! Especially for those with a larger build or body mass.

If there is one thing you should know about PEMF therapy, is that it is mainly about imparting energy into the body. The more energy you can get and the faster you can get it, without overcharging your cells, the better!

In just one 15-minute session, the HU-GO™ will safely flood the entire body with 5 x MORE energy than any other PEMF device!


Doctors who are familiar with PEMF therapy have rated HU-GO™ the #1 PEMF device – and not just because of the unique design, amplified effects and superior quality. Clients go bananas for the HU-GO™! The HU-GO™ works deeply, yet gently, and your clients can actually feel that something is happening. They find it so enjoyable that they don’t want to stop! With other devices clients can’t wait for it to be over, but the HU-GO™ feels so good that they just want to keep the session going for longer.




The HU-GO™ is a far superior quality PEMF device. The coils are well insulated in silicone, and made of pure, hair-fine copper strands that make up one thick wire. While the coils themselves are thick, they are also incredibly soft! If you bend them, they will smooth right out with ease.

We at Signature Health LTD trust in the quality and efficacy of our products. So much so that we use them ourselves, along with our family members and friends. The HU-GO™ has been such a hit, even amongst our own staff, that the Signature Health family has taken to saying, “Wherever HU-GO™, I go!”

Our very own CEO, André Smith, was so excited to try out the HU-GO™ that he decided to do a test on himself as soon as the prototype was ready. Being a regular user of his own products, André is as fit as a fiddle! So, he ate some very, very unhealthy meals (acidic foods filled with gluten and saturated fats) to induce clumping in his red blood cells, which he observed when he had his blood analysed immediately after consuming all the food! He then hopped straight into the HU-GO™ ‘sandwich’ and after the session, he had his blood analysed again. André observed with his own two eyes how in just one HU-GO™ session, his blood was transformed from a viscous state with high red blood cell aggregation, into a beautiful and healthy distribution! He said, and I quote, “I was stunned. They look so beautiful now!”







This is where we get into some of the nitty-gritty details of how and why PEMF therapy works. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, but if you just want to get straight into the “so what can it do?” part, then just skip ahead!




What it essentially boils down to is that we are electromagnetic beings. Our bodies have electrical gradients that store energy as much as chemical gradients do. Nothing in the body happens without electromagnetic exchange!

It is known that damaged or diseased cells present an abnormally low transmembrane potential (TMP), which can be up to 80% lower than in healthy cells! This is an indication of greatly reduced metabolism, impaired sodium-potassium (Na-K) pump activity, and therefore reduced ATP production. While aging is a natural process, the early onset of mitochondrial dysfunction is not! The toxic environment and constant stresses of today greatly amplifies the drop in cell voltage observed as we get sick or age. Many people who are young and considered to be “healthy”, even by today’s standards, have startlingly under-performing mitochondria.


In the past, people lived healthier lifestyles and in healthier environments. There was also much more direct physical contact with the Earth, which has a negative electrical potential. The Earth’s natural surface has a vast supply free electrons, which spread over and into the body when we are “earthed”, i.e. in direct contact with the ground, be it walking, sitting, or lying down.

For most of our evolutionary history, humans have been in continuous contact with the Earth. The immune system functions optimally when the body has an adequate supply of electrons. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? The modern lifestyle changed all of this when we began to wear shoes with plastic and rubber soles, manufactured asphalt, rugs and wood to walk on, and stopped sleeping in direct contact with the Earth.




High intensity PEMFs induce a flood of electrons inside the body. Free electrons serve as natural antioxidants, which are also negatively charged. Antioxidants are donators of free electrons, and thus can “terminate” free radicals, which are known to speed up the aging process. This makes high intensity PEMF an inherently anti-aging therapy!

When thinking about healthy cells vs diseased cells, such as cancer cells, the most obvious physiological difference is how they generate energy. We know that normal body cells generate energy (ATP) through aerobic respiration, while cancer cells are predominantly anaerobic. Cancer cells meet the majority of their energy requirements via fermentation.

In high intensity PEMF therapy, the production of ATP is dramatically enhanced as a result of the abundance in energetic electrons. They feed the healthy respiration parts of the Krebs cycle, rather than the cancerous fermentation portion.

The healing effect of high intensity PEMFs can mostly be attributed to the optimization of the potassium-sodium (Na-K) pump in cell membranes, as well as the increase in the TMP which boosts the immune system.




While there is plenty of research available for PEMF therapy, even more research is underway! The mechanisms of some of the awesome effects of PEMF therapy have yet to be fully understood, but what we do know is that the results speak for themselves.







There are so many listed below that we have categorized them into benefits as well as body systems. Thus, a couple of things are repeated as they fall into multiple categories.




  •   Slows Aging (via neutralization of free radicals)
  •   Stimulates Collagen Synthesis + Firming of Tissues
  •   Boosts Cellular Regeneration + Repair



The HU-GO™ is ideal for athletes and bio-hackers! PEMFs are legal for competitive sports, and has even been used by Olympic athletes.

  Superior Performance +Endurance

-  Boosts Energy (Maximizes ATP Production)

-  Optimizes Blood + Tissue Oxygenation

-  Relieves Anxiety +Stress

-  Reduces Risk of Injury

  Enhanced MuscleFunction

-  Upregulates Cellular Metabolism

-  Activates RNA and DNA Synthesis

-  Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

  Faster Recovery afterExercise

-  Decreases MuscleTension

-  Promotes Lactic Acid excretion

-  Accelerates Healing of Sore, Stiff Muscles

-  Reduces Pain caused by Spasms

  Accelerates Healing of SportsInjuries

-  Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

-  Boosts Cellular Regeneration +Repair

-  Activates RNA and DNA synthesis

-  Reduces Swelling + Inflammation




  •   Strengthens Blood Circulation
  •   Normalizes Blood Pressure
  •   Optimizes Blood + Tissue Oxygenation




  •   Significantly Reduces Pain
  •   Relaxes Muscles
  •   Reduces Muscle Tension + Spasms
  •   Relieves Migraines + Tension Headaches




  •   Boosts Immune System
  •   Improves Lymph Circulation
  •   Enhances Cellular Detoxification




  •   Increases Cellular Energy Levels
  •   Boosts Overall Energy
  •   Floods the Body with Electrons
  •   Energizes Electron Transport Chain
  •   Stimulates ATP Production in the Mitochondria



  •   Helps for Insomnia
  •   Improves Quality of Sleep
  •   Alleviates Stress +Anxiety
  •   Reduces Nervous Irritability




  •   Improves Osteoporosis
  •   Stimulates Release of Endorphins and promotes wellbeing
  •   Normalizes Cholesterol Levels
  •   Improves Diabetic Neuropathy and Vasculopathy (diabetic ulcers)




  •   Promotes Healthy Cell Metabolism
  •   Balances Cell-Membrane Charge
  •   Stimulates Inter-Cellular Communication
  •   Improves Nutrient Uptake
  •   Promotes Higher Levels of Vitamin A
  •   Activates the Antioxidant system
  •   Destroys Free Radicals




  •   Accelerates Injury Recovery Time
  •   Promotes Healing of Sore, Stiff Muscles
  •   Improves Cellular Activity and Regeneration
  •   Enhances Tissue Repair (stimulates RNA and DNA synthesis)
  •   Enhances Wound Healing
  •   Reduces Fibrous Tissue and Scars
  •   Promotes Bone Repair + Regeneration, as well as Fracture Healing (whether damaged from surgery, injury or disease)
  •   Enhances Joint Healing
  •   Reduces Pain, Swelling (Edema) +Inflammation
  •   Reduces Pain and Swelling from Sprains
  •   Relieves Ligament and Tendon Strain and Inflammation
  •   Reduces Side Effects of Chemotherapy




  Mild to severe Depression