Built for Wellness. Backed by Science.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the benefits provided by the HOCATT, particularly when you factor in how it will support your practice in providing a simple yet powerful wellness strategy for your patients and customers. But we did not just guess as to how the HOCATT would work. The device is based on years of scientific research, proven modalities and multiple levels of testing. You have discerning clients who want and deserve the best. We made sure they can have the best, you can provide a true wellness strategy and that it’s backed it up by all this science…





Cooperating scientists and therapists using devices and research of Signature  Health’s HOCATT™

  • Prof. Nabil Mawsouf, Vice-president of International Scientific Committee for Ozone Therapy
  • Dr. Frank Shallenberger President of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy
  • Dr. Stefan Tiron President of the Romanian Ozone Association
  • Dr. Hilda Landman  President of the SA (South-African) Scientific Committee for Medical Ozone and HOCATT
  • Dr. Melissa Brown Vice-president of the SA Scientific Committee for Medical Ozone and HOCATT
  • Michelle Nicolopulos President of the Ozone Association of Southern Africa
  • Dr. Tarek Tanbouli Kuwait Medical Center
  • Delano Di Visconti The Hydro SA


Prof NabilMawsouf, Vice-president of International Scientific Committee

for Ozone Therapyand a scientific consultant of Signature Health LTD


  • Professor of Anaesthetics, ICU and Pain Management, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Head of Ozone Therapy Unit (for treatment, training and research), National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Ozone Therapy Consultant, Military Rehabilitation Center, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Ozone Therapy Supervisor, Naval Research Institute, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Ozone Therapy Consultant, Sultanate of Oman.
  • Consultant and judge for evaluation of medical research and scientific works of World Health Organisation (WHO) in the field of pain management and complementary medicine
  • Chairman of the Egyptian Medical Society for Ozone Therapy and Complementary medicine.
  • Vice-president of Arab Association for Complementary Medicine
  • One of the first practitioners dealing with ozone therapy in Egypt – in 1999 he gained approval for ozone therapy as a treatment method from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
  • Member of International Ozone Association and member of German Medical Association of Ozone Application in Prevention and Therapy.
  • One of the first practitioners specialising in pain management in Egypt since 1981
  • Member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (USA), member of Middle East Association for Study of Pain, member of the Egyptian Association for the Study of Pain.
  • He has conducted a lot of research in the field of pain management and ozone therapy.
  • He has supervised numerous practitioners, masters of pharmacy and postgraduate students in the field of pain management and ozone therapy
  • Author of an Arabic-written book (Pain) on pain management.
  • Specialist for acupuncture, cold laser and electrotherapy at pain management.

Searching for non-invasive ways to manage pain, he discovered the HOCATT and determined it was the best… all in one system!  It is effective, peaceful, and natural.



Dr. David Minkoff -  Lifeworks Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida


The combination of being able to detoxify someone in a sauna with sweat and apply ozone at the same time really is an advantage over any other therapy that I know of… it rejuvenates the skin, rejuvenates their energy systems, so that they really come out of there feeling very good and it progresses their treatment… it reduces their pain, makes them feel better and they really enjoy going into it because they like it and it’s an easy treatment. I like it very much and I’m satisfied with it.  I’m a user myself.  I’ve done a lot of sauna; I’ve done a lot of ozone but I tell you the detoxification effect I’m getting from this is more than any of those so it has really helped me out too.»

 „The HOCATT, with its application of hyperthermia
and ozone offer advantages over any other
treatment. Patient satisfaction is high. You can'tbeat the results and it is convenient for the patientand the physician.“


Dr. Stefan Tiron  - Orthopedics–Sports Traumatology, President of the Romanian Society of Posturology


«The principal reason that led to my acquisition of the HOCATT system was that it offers many treatment possibilities and simultaneous administration of multiple modalities without additional staffing or increasing my overhead .  The HOCATT is very useful in the treatment of various diseases and offers enhanced results for athletes and physical medicine patients.  Patient satisfaction is very high.  In my patients, we found not only more rapid recovery from injury but also increased physical strength.»

The HOCATT provides a great general treatment with multiple modalities that saves time, saves money, is simple, easy, pleasant, and effective.  All the doctors in my clinics use it.


Dr. Herman Spies  (Medical Practitioner in Cape Town, South Africa)


In my practice, I mostly deal with chronic degenerative diseases so I see patients with Alzheimer’s multi-neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, lots of patients with cancer… I find ozone to be extremely valuable in my practice.  I prefer to start detoxification in my patients by using the HOCATT.  It gives my patients a nice, gentle introduction into the detox.  It takes the load off the liver, kidneys and lymph so the patient just starts detoxifying without burning any of the symptoms.  Therefore we don’t get the typical healing crisis.  Instead, of feeling first worse before they start feeling better, the patient enjoys the treatment and they just gradually get better.

Using IV ozone treatments and the HOCATT provide comparable results but HOCATT is easier on the patients systems, less expensive, less risk, and patients respond quickly and actually enjoy the treatments.